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BRAIN: Brand Routine Assessment INitiative

This is a brand tracking study that finds answers to questions like:

  • What do consumers say and believe your brand stands for?
  • Do they believe your brand delivers on its promises?
  • Are the brand promises delivered what the consumer care about?
  • What else can the brand do to enable the consumers win ?
  • What level of loyalty exists for the brand?

Brand Offering Development

We provide solution to issues of

  • What core product or service offering upholds our value proposition?
  • How do our product and service offerings differentiate our company from the competition?
  • What features are required?
  • How can product and services’ profitability be maximized and fully satisfy our target customer needs?

Customer Franchise Definition

When faced with puzzles such as these call us:

  • How can customers be segmented?
  • Who are the target customer(s)?
  • What parameters determine how target customer segment(s) are selected?
  • What are potential target customer(s) profile(s)

Customer Experience Definition Management

We assist you when ruminating on issues of:

  • What overall ‘customer experience’ do we want our customers to have?
  • What elements within the ‘customer experience’ cycle promote customer loyalty?
  • How does our ‘customer experience’ compare to that of the competition?
  • What capabilities do we need to have to offer our desired customer experience?

Brand Communication Strategy

  • What activities will best “sell our offering?”
  • How can we increase product and brand awareness?
  • What key messages do we need to communicate?
  • What is the optimal marketing/media mix?
  • What partnerships best help us to communicate to our customers?
  • How can we optimize marketing effectiveness?

With us, these business issues are resolved seamlessly

Channel Management

When the challenge is appropriate channel for your brand, we are handy to show direction to:

  • What are the right channels needed to deliver value?
  • What channels best reach our target customer segment(s)?
  • How can we partner with channels to maximize value delivery?
  • How can channel conflict be minimized?
  • How integrated do channels need to be?
  • What value added services do channels bring to our offering?

Brand Image & Positioning Development

We provide answers on:

  • How are we perceived relative to other brands in the market? Which brands are most like us and which do we compete most closely with?
  • Which image attributes drive customer loyalty?
  • How does our brand perform on key statistics relative to industry norms?
  • Which image attributes should we be focusing on in our advertising?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of our brand?
  • How does our customer’s perception of competitors affect their buying behaviour?
  • How does what people think about your brand effect whether or not they will continue to purchase your brand or switch to a competitor?



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